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Access to and use of the site and the offer and sale of products and/or services through the site are subject to these general terms and conditions of sale.
Access to and use of this website, and the purchase of products/services on implies that these general terms and conditions have been read and accepted.
By accessing the site you accept and undertake to comply with all contractual terms and conditions in this website.

2) Object

The site is a virtual store of products and services that may be purchased online according to the terms and conditions set out below.
The site lets you make purchases clicking on “CONFIRM AND PAY” (“point and click”).
By doing this, you undertake to buy the product or service chosen with the selected characteristics and, consequently, to pay the relative price.
Transmission of the order is binding, save for your right to cancel according to the conditions set out below.
By sending an order, you unconditionally accept these general terms and conditions of sale and undertake to comply with them in accordance with provisions herein.
ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL will ship the purchased item to the address you indicate when you make your purchase.

3) Order confirmation

ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL will confirm the order within 48 hours from receipt.
The order confirmation includes a description of the products or services purchased, the price and information about the order and company information as of article 1 of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
If the product is unavailable for any reason whatsoever, ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL will promptly notify you – at the email address given during registration – that the order has been cancelled. Any amounts you have already paid will be refunded in full, at no charge to you.
In the case of products and/or services that may be used on line by receiving confidential credentials, the order confirmation will be sent to you by email immediately after your purchase, along with the link to your confidential credentials to access the product and/or service].

4) Intellectual property rights

The site and all relative graphic elements of the site are the exclusive property of ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL
The above therefore includes documentation, content, pictures, photographs, texts, designs, music, software, codes and format scripts.
Any reproduction, alteration, transmission, publication or redistribution to third parties, for commercial purposes, is prohibited by the Industrial Property Code, by copyright law and by provisions of the Civil Code currently in force and is not possible unless permitted in writing by ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL
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5) Errors or inaccuracies, inefficiencies, website updates

ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL publishes information on its site in order to provide a service for its customers that is always up-to-date and takes all measures to ensure that the contents of are accurate and do not contain information that is inaccurate or out of date at the time of publication; ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL will not be held liable whatsoever for the possibility of any technical inaccuracies and/or inaccurate content and/or typing errors and/or inefficiencies, also relative to Internet connections or disabling cookies, which depend on factors external to ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL, save in any case for it undertaking to guarantee that the site and/or its content are promptly restored.
ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL may make updates, corrections and changes to the site whenever deemed necessary, also for the purposes of providing information that is correct and always reliable.
Similarly, ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL may amend these general terms and conditions if this is due to specific company requirements or legal developments.
Any amendments to these general terms and conditions will be previously notified on the site’s home page and will be automatically applicable to new orders.
ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL adopts technical and organisational measures to safeguard the security of its services on the site and allow customers to identify and correct any data entry errors before sending orders; the site meets international standards for secure e-commerce transactions.

6) Legal guarantee of product conformity

ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL informs users that the products sold through the site are guaranteed for a maximum of two years from delivery.
If you identify a defect in the conformity of the product received, you may exercise your rights as of articles 128 and subsequent of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, in relation to the nature and characteristics of the product sold. Without prejudice to the above paragraph, if you identify a manufacturing defect, you may either have the product restored at no charge by having it repaired, or have the faulty product replaced by ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL, unless the option requested is not possible or too expensive compared to the other option. If replacement or repair are not possible or are too expensive, or ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL has not carried out the replacement or repair within a suitable time, or the replacement or repair previously undertaken has caused considerable inconvenience to you, you will be entitled to a reduction in price, or to a refund of the sum in proportion to the value of the goods on returning the faulty product to ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL. The guarantee is not valid if the defect is not reported within two months from the date it was identified.

7) Payments

To choose the method of payment for the ordered item, see the link
In any case, ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL will not be held liable for any commercial practices or contractual conditions unilaterally established by the economic operators you choose to make your payment for the product purchased on the site

8) Shipping of products

This article only applies to products to be shipped.
As shipping costs may vary depending on the rates of forwarding agents, please see the link “HOW TO BUY”.
You will be informed about shipping by email or in the secure area depending on whether you have made your purchase as a “guest” or have registered; the information will include the shipped products and pack reference number for you to track it.

9) Right to cancel

9.1 Cancelling the purchase of shipped products
Without prejudice to article 10 below, you may return products you have purchased within 14 working days from when you received the product and without giving any reason, in compliance with the provisions set out below.
If you have registered with the site and have access credentials, you can log in and go to the secure area; in the “My returns” section, you can find your order and select the product you want to return.
In any case, you can exercise your right to cancel, notifying ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL of your decision to withdraw from this contract in a specific statement (for example in a letter sent by post to ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL, by fax to the number 051 0822618 or by email, to the email address: SHOP@ADVANCESCHOOL.ORG. You must indicate the order number and item code so that ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL can identify the transaction.
After receiving your request in the above times, by email or by a notification from the secure area, ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL will send you confirmation of receipt of the return request. You will then be contacted by ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL’s forwarding agent to collect the return.
The pack must contain the item(s) you want to return and the return must be made no later than 14 days after notifying your request to cancel.
Shipping costs, apart from special promotions, will be paid by you.
For relative amounts, which may vary depending on the rates of the forwarding agent, see the link
For all returns made via ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL’s forwarding agent, shipping costs will be deducted from the final refund of the amount corresponding to the product purchase price.
Alternatively, you may choose the method to send the pack containing the item to return, at your own cost. In this case, you must notify ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL in the return notice or ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL’s forwarding agent.
The pack must be sent within 14 days form notifying you want to cancel, to the following address:
If you return items according to the above conditions, ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL will promptly check them, as indicated below, and if items have not been tampered with or altered, will refund the amount corresponding to the product purchase price net of shipping costs unless you paid for these yourself.
9.2 Cancelling the purchase of products and/or services accessible online
If you purchase products and/or services that you can use directly by receiving reserved credentials (e.g. e-books, online courses, memberships, certification), you can cancel, according to the terms and procedures above, up until the time when you enter the credentials you receive in the order confirmation email in the secure area. Entering your credentials and pressing “enter” implies that you irrevocably and fully accept the purchase.

10) Non-conforming use of returned items

The products sent to you which do not have a digital content that is accessible using specific credentials, but are on any type of media (e.g. paper, CD, DVD, USB drive, etc.) shall be kept in their original conditions, so they may be resold; in particular, if you decide to return the product, you must not damage the cellophane product seal. Breaking the seal automatically implies that the product has been opened and used and so your right to cancel is annulled in compliance with article 59, paragraph one, letter I) of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.

11) Faulty items

If products have defects that are confirmed, ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL will pay for shipping costs to return the product in full and will send a new product where possible, or will refund the entire amount you paid to purchase the product, including any shipping costs you paid for.
You must use the same procedures as those above for notifying you want to cancel.
To notify the defect, see the terms in the section “Legal guarantee of product conformity”.

12) Shipping costs

Shipping and return costs may in exceptional cases be paid by ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL if it has promotional campaigns underway – notified in banners on the site, aimed at reducing or eliminating additional costs for buyers.
In this case, the provisions of these general terms and conditions concerning the payment of shipping costs or returns are departed from.
In any case, you will not be charged for shipping costs due to errors attributable to ADVANCE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL.

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13) Governing law, competent jurisdiction and settlement entity

These general terms and conditions of sale are governed by laws of the Republic of Italy and – in the event of disputes concerning their interpretation, application and validity – shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court where the consumer is resident or domiciled, if resident in Italy.
In all other cases, disputes will be referred to the Court of BOLOGNA, save for laws and the exclusive jurisdiction of courts established by international treaties and by regulations in force at the time the dispute arises.
Alternatively, the consumer may file complaints according to the European procedure for the settlement of disputes on line and select a settlement entity,
via the link:

Standard cancellation form
(pursuant to article 49, paragraph 1, letter h) of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005)

(compile and return this form if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

For the attention of:
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SUBJECT: Cancellation of sale order no. / item code no. ______[• TO BE COMPILED BY THE USER•]

– The undersigned ___________hereby notifies withdrawal from the contract of sale for the following goods________________delivered on ____________.


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