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We are constantly working to protect and respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy (“Cookie Policy”) describes how we treat and protect any personal information collected through the use of cookies when using this website. When browsing our website, you consent to the use of cookies to the extent provided in this Policy. For any questions or for further information, contact us via email: or call us at +39 051 199 07 026. If you do not consent with what is indicated by this Policy before you use this site, please disable cookies using the instructions in Chapter MANAGE COOKIE OPTIONS. Kindly note that this Privacy Policy may be updated over time in accordance with the European standards and national rules, so please check this page constantly in order to ensure that you agree with any changes.


Cookies are text files that store information on your hard drive or browser. Cookies act as a website’s memory, allowing the website to recognize your device every subsequent visit. Cookies make it easier to record your preferences on the website, and register how you use the site, enabling us to customize and further improve its functionality and overall usability.


Session Cookies and Permanent Cookies
The site may use cookies for session duration corresponding to the single browsing session, which expire when you close your browser session, or use permanent cookies that have and expiry date, even beyond the end of the browser session, but always for a specific period of time.


Third Party Cookies

The website may allow third party cookies to be set in the services present. These cookies are not under our control. For more information on Third Party Cookies and use, please visit Third Party use. Further information on Third Party cookies used on the website, along with a description of the objectives pursued, are shown in the following table

Type of Cookie and Purpose of use

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: These cookies are used to collect information in an anonymous format on which visitors use our website and this allows us to improve the usability of our site. More information: uk/policies/
COOKIE FUNCTION: Cookie Name: cookie accept advanceschool, to remind users who have read the information regarding the use of cookies.


You can refuse, disable the cookies from your browser and delete all cookies that are currently stored on your computer by modifying the settings of your web browser. Keep in mind that changing your cookie settings on your browser might prevent you from enjoying the full functionality of the website. Select below the browser you’re using, for information on how to change your cookie settings.

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